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LYNX CHEMICALS is a chemical manufacturer established in 2005. Since its inception, the company has grown significantly and we currently serve hundreds of clients throughout the country. We have relied mostly on word-of-mouth advertising from happy, satisfied clients. We are proud to do it the old-fashioned way… lots of hard work and a solid commitment to bringing cleaning solutions to governmental, commercial and residential customers.  

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Our main focus is on manufacturing high quality, innovative & cost effective cleaning chemicals, specifically for the South African market. As well as providing cleaning services to businesses and private homes. We have evolved into a company that can meet all your cleaning needs, by supplying cleaning equipment, materials and machines.

We also offer hygienic dispensers for sanitary and paper products.

Our Vision Statement

Lynx Chemicals strives to:

• Be recognised as a leading chemical manufacturer and distributor of cleaning materials in SA;

• Grow the company and create employment opportunities;

• Achieve excellent results through the continuous improvement of services and products;

• Maintain a work environment that promotes excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Mission Statement

We will add value to our customers by providing excellent, environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals, services and products and ensure that our employees operate in a safe, healthy and productive environment that facilitates skills development and personal growth.

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